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Alpha Theta Rover Crew is a part of Waverley Valley Scout Group, located at the Valley Reserve scout hall (2 Wills Ave, Mt Waverley Victoria 3149).

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We meet every Thursday night, Starting at about 8:00 pm and going until about 10:30 pm.

Rovers are the final youth section of scouting for people aged between 18 and 26. It is self-governed which means we can adapt out program to suit a vast range of interests! We generally aim to get away camping at least once a month.

Some of the activities that we do include:

  • Camping
  • Mud Rally Racing
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Sailing
  • Movie nights
  • Gangshow and Showtime (Scout run theater shows)
  • Photo scavenger Hunts
  • Playground Crawls
  • and more..

Want to find out more, contact us here


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Waverley Valley Scouts go Solar

After nearly two years of research, planning, and fundraising, Waverley Valley Scout Group is about to have a 3kw solar power system installed on the roof of their hall. This project, led by Rover Crew member Rebecca Gibbs, is an environmental initiative that will help make the Groups’ facilities more sustainable as well as saving money on electricity into the future.

With the price of solar installations coming down and the price of electricity going up, fundraising for a solar power system can be a great investment for your Scout Group (as well as the planet!). For any other Scout Groups looking to go solar, here a few tips we can offer from our experience:


  1. Take a look at your current electricity usage

Ask your Treasurer for a copy of some recent electricity bills for your hall. Based on the usage, you’ll be able to estimate what sized solar system is most suitable for your Group. Take a look around your hall as well and see if there are any easy ways that you can reduce your usage upfront. For example, changing incandescent light bulbs to LEDs.

Also, have a look the rates your Group is currently paying for their electricity. We discovered that we could do a lot better, and were able to start saving approximately 30% by changing to a better electricity plan with the same provider.


  1. Get everyone involved

By spreading the word about our project and letting everyone know what we were raising money for, we got great support for our fundraising. The whole Group got involved with a raffle, movie night, and meat tasting evening to raise the money needed. Getting the help of the Group to fundraise the money instead of drawing from the Groups’ savings has helped to give all the Group members some ownership of project.

Promoting our fundraising events was also a great way to let the wider community know about our project, and hopefully inspire others to consider solar.


  1. Shop around

Take your time to talk to the various solar providers and find the best solution for your Group. Once you know what sized system you are after and where you would like the panels to be located on your roof, shop around the best price. We found that our existing electricity provider was willing to price match the deal offered by another solar company, and also give us a bonus 4 cents increase to the feed-in tariff for four years.


  1. Don’t give up

As with any project, it is likely that you will encounter some hurdles along the way. Negotiating and getting agreement from the Group Committee, Branch and Council will take some time and can sometimes seem to be going backwards. Be prepared to be patient and follow the project through.



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Big Day Scout

Big Day Scout, the weekend before Founder’s day, was a good event for Alpha Theta Rover Crew. Five of our crew members caught the train into the city and met at Federation Square for the start of the event.


The MC was one of our ex-rovers, who gave us the run down on what the event was all about, before we were let loose on the city of Melbourne in a massive CBD wide scavenger hunt.The scavenger hunt took teams from the one side of the city to the other through the laneways and some of Melbourne’s landmarks. The art work in the city was amazing, and although we were rushing around, we still managed to enjoy the walk and the view.

When we finished looking for street art, we had lunch before heading across to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for the ceremony to swear in Shane Jacobson as the Chief scout. Outside the Music Bowl was a carnival of activities including abseiling tower, obstacle courses and a winter wonderland in the middle of the Australian summer. The scout band played  music and there was even a flash mob done by Venturers. You could do all these activities while waiting to get through the gates and into the ceremony.


Of course the fun didn’t end once inside the gates, where they had guys in a diving tank and other events all centering on the ceremony.

After Shane Jacobson was invested the event was drawing to a close. With our new badges, t-shirts and caps we wandered back to the station to head home. But this wasn’t the end of Big Day Scout for Alpha Theta.

A few days after the event finished, we got a call saying that we had won the game for the rover section and we were happy with just the knowledge but Branch had an award for all of the winning teams, so each team member won a backpack and a wireless speaker for the crew.

All in all, even without the prizes, the crew had a great time at #bigdayscout.

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Get Yours Today! Email teddy@alphatheta.org.au or SMS 0409 380 340

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an update from the crew

On the not quite spookiest night of the year, the 30th of October, Waverley Valley Venturers and Alpha Theta Rovers came together for a spook-tacular gathering. There was bobbing for eyes, well we couldn’t get eyes so they got apples and they were tasty. The carving of pumpkins was also executed but as we promise not harm to living things in the production of the night, our stunt pumpkins, otherwise known as cardboard boxes, would have to do. A few of the older members regressed to their younger years with onesies aplenty and costumes all around. We even had a venturer come as a pumpkin. This was rounded off with a game of guess the limb or appendage. Don’t worry, no youth members were harmed in the production of the night! Great fun was had by all and everyone left with the same number of body parts that they arrived with.WVNL vol3 iss4 - F-1

In breaking news, Alpha Theta Rover Crew booted seven members recently. After turning 26, you are ‘booted’ from the crew as you are no longer a youth member of Scouting.  Several are continuing on as leaders in various sections. The boot is a celebration of their time in Scouts and a reunion of friends. Congratulations to Chris Ellis, Andrew Anthony, Chris Palmer, Janelle Cadd, Alex Hay, Mark Baker and James Baker, wish them all the best for the future and thank them for the time they have dedicated to Scouting over the (many) years!

WVNL vol3 iss4 - F-2

Article by
Miriam Anderson

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Our new buggy “Pro Rally”

prorally_1In September 2013, Alpha Theta made the decision to take on the challenge of preparing a car to race at Mudbash 2014 and other events following.  From the onset the focus of the crew was to build a car that would be safe and that could provide many years of enjoyment to the crew’s members. After considering our options, the crew decided to purchase a 1982 Datsun Bluebird, which was known to be in good mechanical condition, in late October.

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2014 so far

As is always the first half of the year, we have been a very busy rover crew. There is a lot to talk about before the buggy is even mentioned.

Amongst the chaos were nights including Killer Scrabble and Extreme Snap and a games night with the Venturers. Whilst cleaning our Q-store we discovered an old 9’ × 9’ ‘toilet’ tent, which we have set up and learned that it has four cubicles and an annex.

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